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About Us

Our company is born to be different. We focus on intellectual achievement and innovation. Our aim to sustain research and development is perfectly expressed by our participation in innovative projects, in Italy and Europe. Politecnico di Milano, John Von Neumann University (Budapest), Padova University, CRS4 – Centro di ricerca, sviluppo e studi superiori in Sardegna, VEGA – Parco Scientifico, ComoNEXT – Parco Scientifico Progetto VI PQ StoLPaN (RFiD ed NFC) are some of our national and international scientific partners. We continue investing on more than 10% for research and development each year. Our principal focus today lays in the development of Apps, Embedded and Enterprise Class software. We lead projects and we design and develop products in both areas, working predominantly at an international level.

Through our highly specialized teams and with the pervasive use of the Agile development methodology we distributed, after developing for our customers, hundreds of thousands of applications for the mobile devices Android and iOS. Ennova represents a company in full growth and assumes a leading role in the world of information technology and the design of applications destined to things, people and companies.

Working with us can be a real “challenge” for our clients. You may have to rethink the way you use technology to optimize your working schedules and support your growth passing from “1,2,3,4, … , n” to “1,2,4,8, … , 2n”. Probably, you were searching for us for a long time.

Are you ready to work with us?


Our Software Development Methodology proposed is based on Agile practices and principles. Particularly, the SCRUM methodology is the chosen framework for software development projects at Ennova Research, as it has been proven to be incredibly effective for all parties involved, from stakeholders to developers. SCRUM uses the real-world progress of a project — not a best guess or uninformed forecast — to plan and schedule releases. Organizing and dividing the project into succinct work cadences (sprints), allows a project’s direction to be fine tuned or adjusted based on completed work, and this capacity for adaption and flexibility is the key for customer satisfaction and project effectiveness. The development team is led by a Certified Scrum Master and successfully applies Agile principles since some years. The Agile principles and SCRUM techniques are adapted given the project context and peculiarities.

Overlapping Skill Distribution

Web & Soa
Embedded Design


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Ennova Research organizes “New routes of innovation” event to speak about Digital Transformation, in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University and MongoDB.
Speaking with FAAC Group , Ca 'Foscari University of Venice and the Permasteelisa Group.

What We Do

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EN Apps

The digital world is changing. Wherever it will go, whatever platform will succeed, we’ll be there: it’s not only know-how, it’s the passion we have for what we do. We believe in a world made of cooperating top-notch Apps.

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EN Enterprise

From legacy J2EE platforms to brand new HTML5 technologies, from architectures to graphic design turning sparse Applications into consistent, blended, state-of-art, unique and real time responsive UI and back-ends.

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EN Windows

The global reach of the Windows operating system is a fact we cannot avoid and therefore we like to also develop top notch Apps carrying all our experience and innovative approach on this technology.

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At RED-V we make TV screens turning into personalized TV channels, delivering audiovisual communication as immersive user experiences.

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Clouds Opera

Clouds Opera specializes in providing IT services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in cloud computing, functionally complete and affordable.

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Ennova Research is part of the multi-company project team of Poltrona Interattiva.

Top notch technology for smart stadium systems.


With representatives around the world and products & services for every aspect of your business, Ennova will be delighted to help you meet your IT needs.

  • Edificio Vela
    Viale Ancona 26, 30172 Mestre – (VE)
    VAT # 03773530278
  • +39 041 8943610
  • +39 041 8943611
  • info@ennova-research.com
  • Science and Technology Park ComoNExT
    Via Cavour 2, 22074 Lomazzo (CO)
  • The Technology Park of Sardinia, Ed. 2
    Loc. Piscinamanna
    09010 Pula (CA)
Palo Alto
  • 1023 Corporation way
    Palo Alto 94303 (CA), United States

Work With Us

We are always looking for young bright minded and challenging people to be part of our teams.
Preferred canditates should be Graduates, Researchers IT Programmers, Junior or Senior Programmers. We look for a graduate of the first and | or second degree in technical universities (Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics).
Good knowledge of English. Interest in new technologies medium-high heat. Good expertise and excellent interpersonal skills, team work ability.

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